Nature of enlightenment

Before reading this, it is strongly recommended to read the section on the Nature of Ego, otherwise it will hard to understand what is written here. Enlightenment is a bit of a tricky topic to talk about, because it can mean different things to different people. I propose the following definition:

Enlightenment is the awareness of yourself, which you may also refer to as the Jungian Self, to the point that you no longer consider your Ego to be your true identity.

This a simple definition for what, in a way, is a very simple topic. The unfortunate reality is that experiencing the above definition rarely happens for most people. It lies in the realm of transcendent experiences that are usually restricted to advanced (spiritual) traditions. People have even made music about how Ego usually interferes with the awareness that produces enlightenment.

I wish you all the best in your journeys, but want to give you one warning, the Ego can never lead you to an understanding greater than the Ego. Ego can fabricate a lie and make you believe that, but this is not true understanding, and leads to a so-called "spiritual Ego" that believes it is better than other people, which is even worse than the situation you were in before you tried to transcend Ego.

I cannot pretend that I have transcended my Ego, I merely try to be as aware as I can. Maybe one day after much letting go of illusions and misconceptions, I will arrive in this place. But even then I will not be to show you the way in all likelihood. One tip I can give, if you know you had a special experience that lies outside normal consciousness, remember it, and remember the knowledge and wisdom it granted. Avoid trying to recreate the experience forcefully, because that will only lead to suffering once you realize that these experience cannot be created on command. Forgetting the different experiences of life, such as a total experience of being love, will limit your ability to slowly realizing your complete Self.

Cover of Ego album
Cover of an album​​​​​ filled with music about the Ego and enlightenment, which can be found here