More recommended reading

Masculine and Feminine: The Natural Flow of Opposites in the Psyche by Gareth S. Hill

A book, written from a Jungian perspective, that gives insight into how the masculine and feminine exists in all people, not only men or women. It explains how the masculine and feminine play a part in all our lives. Information about the book can be found here

Sentence completion assessments for ego development, meaning-making, and wisdom maturity, including STAGES

An extensive article with some interesting background information on sentence completion based methods (such as the SCT used by Greuter), and a whole bunch of other information that cannot be captured in a single sentence. See here: or for PDF version (which I found much later) which is nicer to read

Individuation process

The process of individuation is one of the greater gifts Carl Jung left the world, you can read about it here: Beware that that there are some "ads" that try to sell you self improvement material, but the summary is otherwise sound.

Evolving consciousness in leaders: promoting late-stage conventional and post-conventional development by Nicola Caroline Vincent

Leadershipship Maturity Framework: Stage Descriptions

Higher stages of human development

Cook-Greuter: Construct Aware Stage and the Fool Archetype

Consciousness quotient: CQ-i

Some interesting questions that in my experience serve as a reality check where you stand. The questions themselves sometimes more valuable than the answers you give. and

Vertical leadership development

Some whitepapers on key ingredients to leadership development: and

Related whitepapers: and

The psychology of the quiet ego

Leadership agility

A book that is based on vertical development stage theory like the work of Greuter, but really focusing on the topic of leadership:

The hidden talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders

The anti-hero: The hidden revolution in leadership & change

Fostering post‐conventional consciousness in leaders:why and how?

Late stages of adult development: One Linear Sequence or Several Parallel Branches?

Shapes of Mind: The 10 Stages of Consciousness